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May 31st, 2009    

Paranormal Underground Presents…Zak Bagans

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Join us as we talk to Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans. Zak shares information about the upcoming season, as well as some of his greatest ghost adventures.

Interviewers: Scott Mannen Karen Frazier, Managing Editor

Guest:         Zak Bagans

May 21st, 2009    

Waverly Hills Audio Experience

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Take a tour of Waverly Hills with Jake Wheat and then hear Chad Wilson's commentary from his investigation of Waverly Hills.  The Waverly Hills Audio Experience can be downloaded from or on iTunes. All proceeds benefit Stomp Out Cancer.

Moderator: Karen Frazier

Panel: Cheryl Knight, Chad Wilson

May 13th, 2009    

Paranormal Underground Presents…Paranormal Hot Topics

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Join us as we discuss some hot topics in the paranormal.  Should paranormal investigators have background checks?  Did JD mock the box and suffer the consequences?  What did everyone think of The Haunting in Connecticut?


Karen Frazier, Managing Editor


Shannon Sylvia

Cheryl Knight, Editor-in-Chief

Teresa West

Chad Wilson, Publisher

JD Harrison, Science Editor

May 1st, 2009    

Paranormal Underground Presents…The Dibbuk Box

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What is the Dibbuk box?  Is the legend of the box true - does it bring misfortune to those who possess it?  Before we recorded this podcast, Jason warned us that something would probably go wrong during our recording.  JD might agree with that assessment. Did JD mock the box?  Listen and see what happens.

Guest:  Jason, Dibbuk Box owner

Moderator:  Karen Frazier


Cheryl Knight

Chad Wilson

JD Harrison

For more information about the Dibbuk box, visit or view our May issue of Paranormal Underground e-Magazine.


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