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April 25th, 2013    

Paranormal Underground Radio: Andrew Basiago (Project Pegasus and Mars Anomaly Research Society)

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Andrew Basiago, team leader of Project Pegasus and the founder and president of the Mars Anomaly Research Society. Andrew Basiago, J.D., M.C.R.P. (Dist), M.Phil. (Cantab), team leader of Project Pegasus and the founder and president of MARS, is an American lawyer, writer, chrononaut, and 21st century visionary.

Andy served in Project Pegasus at the dawn of the Time-Space Age and was one of humanity’s early Mars explorers. He is a prominent figure in the Truth Movement leading a campaign to lobby the US government to disclose such truths as the fact that the US has achieved “quantum access” to past and future events and has used time travel to place a secret US presence on Mars.

Andy has been identified as the first of two “planetary-level whistle blowers” predicted by the Web Bot, which analyzes the content of the World Wide Web to discern global trends. His Truth Campaign about time travel and life on Mars is based on direct, personal experience serving on two US defense projects.

In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Andy was a child participant in Project Pegasus, which was the US time-space exploration program at the time of the emergence of time travel in the US defense-technical community. He was called back into government service in the early 1980’s, when he made numerous visits to Mars after being tapped to join the CIA’s Mars “jump room” program.

For over a decade, Andy has investigated his secret project experiences on a quest to prove them and communicate them to others. Soon, he will publish a tell-all book that will reveal the true story of his awe-inspiring and terrifying experiences time traveling for the US government.

Air Date: April 25, 2013

Topic: Time Travel, Teleportation, Project Pegasus, Mars Anomaly Research Society

Guest: Andrew Basiago

Hosts: Rick Hale and Karen Frazier

Producer: Cheryl Knight

April 18th, 2013    

Paranormal Underground Radio: Paul Von Ward (Author of The Soul Genome and We’ve Never Been Alone)

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Paul Von Ward, author of “We’ve Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention” and “The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation.”

An interdisciplinary cosmologist and independent scholar, Paul is internationally known for the hypothesis of an AB (advanced beings) intervention in human development; his theory of natural spirituality in an evolving, self-learning universe; and research on the survival of a personal soul-genome.

His current books on these topics are We’ve Never Been Alone; Our Solarian Legacy; and The Soul Genome. Paul’s academic background (Florida State, Harvard and other institutions); his military, diplomatic, international executive career; and research on five continents keep his provocative publications grounded in emerging science and credible human experience.

Air Date: April 18, 2013

Topic: Reincarnation, Advanced Beings, Extraterrestrials

Guest: Paul Von Ward

Hosts: Rick Hale and Karen Frazier

Producer: Cheryl Knight

April 11th, 2013    

Paranormal Underground Radio: Alexandra Holzer, The Paranormal Daughter

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we’ll talk with Alexandra Holzer, The Paranormal Daughter. Nearly half a century ago, renowned Parapsychologist Hans Holzer changed the face of paranormal research and investigation forever. And while the torch he lit is an essential one to carry, it’s an important point to note that it’s never ceased to be as heavy as it is luminous. The Holzer legacy isn’t one to ever be taken lightly, either by those who are looking in from the outside, or by the family members chosen to bear its weight and carry it forward. Within the Holzer family, and what is now called the “Holzer Method”, you’ll find the true, profound, gravity of paranormal investigation; not as it’s often portrayed in the media, but as it exists and has always existed within the most exclusive and educated circles in the field.

As a testament to this legacy, Alexandra Holzer, daughter of the late Hans Holzer, has dedicated her research, her career, and so much of her life to ensuring that this torch not only keeps burning, but is propelled forward for future generations to see. And to call Alexandra a force of nature would not only be cliché, it just might be something of an understatement. Precious few in this world approach their work, or their legacy, with the voracity, passion and conviction that she clearly has in such abundance. To know Alexandra Holzer will not only give you a glimpse of the past, but an understanding of the future possibilities, and the promise, within the field of paranormal research and investigation.

Air Date: April 11, 2013

Topic: Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal History

Guest: Alexandra Holzer

Host: Rick Hale

Producer: Cheryl Knight

April 4th, 2013    

Paranormal Underground Radio: Steve Parsons of Para.Science

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Steve Parsons, co-founder of Para-Science. In 2012, The Wall Street Journal called Steve Parsons “The Gold Standard of Paranormal Investigators.” Steve is a unique paranormal investigator whose background, peer recognition, experience, and knowledge separate him from a domain full of pseudo-scientific amateur ghost hunters. He has hunted for ghosts since childhood and has been a full time investigator for more than 20 years. He is currently acknowledged by both peers and leading academic parapsychologists to be one of the best paranormal investigators in the UK.

He has been involved in many areas of psychical research and has developed and pioneered many new methods of investigating ghosts and haunting phenomena and he remains at the forefront of true scientific ghost hunting. His work on Infrasound and the paranormal led him to design and build specialist equipment to precisely measure & record Infrasound. Using new digital photographic techniques, he was the first person to finally demonstrate and prove that the much debated orb phenomenon has a mundane explanation.

Steve has contributed to, and participated in, numerous documentaries for broadcasters Worldwide including productions for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Japanese TV and for both the BBC and other UK broadcasters.  In addition, he has worked as the paranormal investigator on hit TV shows Most Haunted and I’m Famous & Frightened, cleverly balancing the entertainment aspect of such shows with his highly technical & informative approach to investigations. Whilst hosting his own paranormal show for BBC radio Steve also makes regular expert contributions on radio stations throughout the UK and for broadcasters in the UK, USA & Australia. A regular contributor to the news media, books & magazines, his prolific work has featured and has been cited in many books, peer reviewed journals, as well as popular magazines and newspapers.

His forthright and no nonsense approach is well known throughout paranormal investigation circles and he has a hard won reputation for producing results. Steve is also currently studying for a parapsychology focussed Ph.D. on Infrasound as a possible cause for various haunting experiences.

Steve is co-founder of Para.Science, described by the respected Parapsychologist Dr. Ciarán O’Keeffe as “Undoubtedly the leading haunting investigation group in the world – Navigating haunting experiences in the real world is a nightmare, Para.Science however is the ultimate guide.”

In addition to his work with Para.Science, he is often asked to act as an independent adviser on many other investigations offering training, support and analysis of subsequent evidence. He is a Member of the Spontaneous Case Committee of The Society for Psychical Research and an Adviser to The Ghost Club.

Air Date: April 4, 2013

Topic: Paranormal Investigation

Guest: Steve Parsons

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Rick Hale

Producer: Cheryl Knight


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