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December 17th, 2015    

Paranormal Underground Radio: Robyne Marie - Medium, Holistic Life Coach, and Photo Scryer

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, we talk with Rev. Robyne Marie. Robyne is a psyhic medium who is known as “The Boston Ghost Magnet.” Clairvoyant since age four, she acts as a bridge between the living and the world beyond.

“Through the eyes … into the spirit world,” she says of her unique gift of Photo Scrying, which is the innate ability to see live and animated spirits through photographs.

Robyne has worked on police and cold cases since 1981, earning her acclaim for her accuracy through remote viewing. Robyne is a behavioral psychologist and parapsychologist, with a Ph.D. in metaphysics. She is also a Holistic Life Coach and ordained minister. She implements a holistic approach toward spirit contact, teaching paranormal teams around the world that “ghosts are people too.”

Robyne has been a published writer since age 10, with short stories and poignant poetry focusing on crisis, trauma, and hauntings. And her research theories and experiences have been written about by authors like T.L. Jones, Christopher Balzano, and Michael Markowicz.

Robyne is stand-in co-host on Living Paranormal Radio/iTV Show. She previously hosted Lights Out Radio Show, aired on the BBC and a CBS Radio affiliate. Visit Robyne's Website ( for more information about her work.

Air Date: December 17, 2015

Topic: Paranormal Investigation, Psychic Medium, 2016 Psychic Predictions, Paranormal Experience

Guest: Robyne Marie

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Chuck Gotski

Producer: Cheryl Knight

December 10th, 2015    

Paranormal Underground Radio: Don Allison - Author of “I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: A Journalist’s Journey into the Paranormal”

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, we talk with Don Allison, author of I Met a Ghost at Gettsyburg: A Journalist's Journey into the Paranormal. Don was a devout skeptic, even going so far as to doubt his own grandmother’s claims of experiences in a haunted house. But after encountering the unexplained many times, he reluctantly concluded he indeed has experienced the paranormal.

Eventually, after what Don described as a mind-blowing paranormal encounter at Gettysburg, Pa., he could contain his curiosity no longer. He decided to write about his experiences, and to go a step further – to share the science behind what he has encountered.

Don is a lifelong resident of Williams County, Ohio, where the historic home he shares with his wife, Diane, is located. A 1976 graduate of Stryker High School, he earned a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from the University of Toledo in 1980.

As a high school student in the early 1970s, Don got his start in journalism as a sports writer and photographer with the weekly Advance Reporter newspaper, now known as the Village Reporter. He joined The Bryan Times as county editor in 1981, where he later served as editor and currently is senior editor. He has received numerous Associated Press and United Press International awards for his news, feature, and column writing.

Drawing on knowledge gained from a lifetime of studying the Civil War, Don has written extensively about that conflict. He and Diane are the founders of Faded Banner Publications, which publishes books on the Civil War and Northwest Ohio history.

Don’s previous books include Hell on Belle Isle: Diary of a Civil War POW and The Best of On My Mind: The Bryan Times Newspaper Columns of Don Allison. For more information on Don and his work, visit

Air Date: December 10, 2015

Topic: Paranormal Investigation, Haunted Gettysburg, Paranormal Experience

Guest: Don Allison

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Chuck Gotski

Producer: Cheryl Knight

December 3rd, 2015    

Paranormal Underground Radio: Karen Anderson - Psychic, Medium, and Animal Communicator

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, we talk with Karen Anderson, a professional animal communicator, psychic, and medium from the Eastern Washington area. Karen discovered that she had psychic abilities and could talk to the animals at a very young age. Born and raised in Southern California, Karen surrounded herself with many beloved animals over the years and learned how to understand their thoughts and feelings. As her career path took her into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Karen realized that her psychic skills enabled her to read the energy of the suspects and criminals she dealt with while she was a deputy sheriff in Bailey, Colorado.

A full-time animal communicator since 2002, Karen has logged well over 12,000 sessions as of January 2015. She provides her clients with incredibly detailed private consultations and refers to her style of readings as an "evidential medium" as she strives to obtain evidence and actual facts for her clients.

Karen is known across the globe for her easygoing sense of humor, down to earth manner, and amazing accuracy. Her vast experience has earned her a reputation as an expert in behavior resolution, discovering health problems, and end-of-life issues for all living creatures. Her highly attuned intuitive abilities allow her to read the energy of all animals, living or deceased, as well as departed humans (mediumship) bringing forth their messages of healing and much-needed peace of mind.

To learn  more about Karen and her work, visit her Website.

Air Date: December 3, 2015

Topic: Animal Communicator, Psychic, Medium

Guest: Karen Anderson

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Chuck Gotski

Producer: Cheryl Knight


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