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November 17th, 2016    

Paranormal Underground Radio: Chris Fleming - Medium and Paranormal Investigator

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, we talk with Chris Fleming, medium and paranormal investigator. Chris co-hosted the popular TV show Dead Famous for three years. He has also appeared on Psychic Kids​, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, The Haunted, and Paranormal Challenge.

As early as he can remember, Chris was prone to experiencing extraordinary encounters in the form of ghosts and unexplained phenomena, from dark shadowy forms coming out of closets and dim corners to glowing ghosts manifesting above grade school friends during sleepovers. As these experiences increased, Chris – fearfully at first – began studying the ghosts as they moved around the house and even interacted with him. Soon he grew aware of how they used telepathy to hear his thoughts and even project themselves from one side of the room to another almost instantly. He also learned quickly that his fears were never hidden from them.

After several years of encounters, Chris befriended a spirit who introduced himself as Henry. This spirit would warn Chris about other ghosts and entities, as well as tell him things about the spirit world and universe. Chris conversed with Henry on the Ouija board from 1975-1979 before Henry moved on, but one particular conversation stands out in Chris’s memory to this day: One afternoon Chris, who had recently seen the movie Close Encounters, asked Henry if there is life elsewhere in our solar system.

Henry answered “Europa,” and when Chris asked what type of life is on Europa, the spirit responded, “Plant and bacteria.” Twenty years later, Chris was folding laundry and listening to CNN in the background when he heard something in the broadcast that caught his attention: A reporter was announcing that scientists now believe there may be plant or bacteria life on the sixth moon of Jupiter, a moon called Europa.

Chris saw more than ghosts. Over time, he saw other entities that, to this day, he is still trying to comprehend. In addition to seeing angels and lights, on a few very remarkable and personal occasions he has felt a divine presence. He has also, however, encountered a variety of dark and negative forces. These demons and beings appeared in various forms, shapes, and sizes, leaving Chris convinced at a young age that what we think we scientifically know and understand about our world is eclipsed by all that we don’t know or understand, but occasionally experience nonetheless.

Chris has launched a ghost hunting store,, and hosts a monthly podcast titled Spirit Talk, which is available on iTunes and Planet Paranormal. To find out more about Chris, visit

Air Date: November 17, 2016

Topic: Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Phenomena, Paranormal Research

Guest: Chris Fleming

Correspondent Segment: Winter Balefire

Host: Karen Frazier, Chuck Gotski

Producer: Cheryl Knight-Wilson

November 10th, 2016    

Paranormal Underground Radio: Peggy Maguire and Nate Gearhiser - Ohio Ghost Hunters

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, we talk with Peggy Maguire and Nate Gearhiser, investigators with Ohio Ghost Hunters. Ohio Ghost Hunters is a diverse and experienced paranormal investigation team comprised of both scientific and psychic medium investigators who specialize in obtaining evidence of ghosts, entities, and other phenomenon. "We investigate evidence of the paranormal throughout Ohio and surrounding states using well established methods that have worked time and time again."

Air Date: November 10, 2016

Topic: Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Phenomena, Paranormal Research

Guests: Peggy Maguire and Nate Gearhiser

Correspondent Segment: Maria Anna van Driel

Host: Chuck Gotski

Producer: Cheryl Knight-Wilson

November 3rd, 2016    

Paranormal Underground Radio: Nuzo Onoh - The Queen of African Horror

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, we talk with Nuzo Onoh, the Queen of AfricanHorror. Nuzo is the creator of chilling horror fiction from the AfricanContinent. Her books have introduced African Horror to the international stage.Nuzo’s works have been described as “deeply disturbing,” “spine-chilling,” and“gripping and haunting.”

Nuzo has spear-headed this new andunexplored horror subgenre. She states that her goal is to establish AfricanHorror as bona-fide horror subgenre, rather than the general perception of theterm as a negative condition of the continent as portrayed by the popularmedia. It is Nuzo’s hope that, soon, African Horror will be recognized andenjoyed as other regional horror subgenres, such as Japanese, Korean andScandinavian horror.

A British writer of Africandescent, Nuzo was born in Enugu, the Eastern part of Nigeria, formerly known asThe Republic of Biafra. She lived through the civil war between Nigeria andBiafra as a child refugee, an experience that left a strong impact on her andhas influenced some of her writing. Nuzo attended Queen’s School Enugu beforeproceeding to the Quaker boarding school; The Mount School, York, England; andSt. Andrew’s Tutorial College, Cambridge, from where she obtained her A’levels. She holds both a law degree and a master's degree in writing from TheUniversity of Warwick, England.

Nuzo has two daughters, Candice andJija, and her cat, Tinkerbell, who she describes as totally bonkers. She livesin Coventry, England, from where she runs her own publishing company,Canaan-Star Publishing, a self-publishing company that publishes authors fromaround the globe.

A keen musician, Nuzo plays boththe piano and the box guitar and enjoys recording demos of her songs. She alsoruns African story-telling workshops for primary school children. Nuzo is astrong believer in The Law of Attraction and the philosophy of mind overmatter.

Nuzo has made June 28 her annualpublishing date so her fans know when to look out for another African Horrorchiller from her writing desk.

Air Date: November 3, 2016

Topic: African Horror, Paranormal Phenomena, Paranormal Research, Witch Doctor

Guest: Nuzo Onoh

Correspondent Segment: Jack Kenna

Hosts: Karen Frazier, Chuck Gotski

Producer: Cheryl Knight-Wilson


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