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November 15th, 2019    

Intention Is Everything (from Paranormal Underground Radio): Tristan David Luciotti, Filmmaker, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Certified Angel Card Reader



Episode Date: 11.15.2019

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Cheryl Knight-Wilson

Guest: Tristan David Luciotti

Topics: Paranormal Phenomena, Reiki, Paranormal Documentary


Show Notes:

Tristan David Luciotti is a filmmaker, Reiki Master-Teacher, and certified angel card reader. He is the filmmaker behind the documentary film All Around Us: Inside the Life of Psychic Medium Seth Michael.

Tristan grew up in a very religious family and attended Pentecostal churches as a child. In his adulthood, however, Tristan gained a deeper understanding of metaphysical, paranormal, and psychic phenomena. It led him to his current studies and work in energy healing, metaphysical science, law of attraction, intentional practices, and psychic phenomena.

Recently, the Universe has been sending Tristan some pointed messages that it’s time to slow down and listen to what Divine Guidance is trying to tell him. In this podcast, Tristan shares some of his recent experiences, what he has learned from them, and how that plays into his intentional practices.


Tristan’s Website and Social Media:

Tristan’s Website:

All Around Us Film Website:

Vision Collective Website:


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November 1st, 2019    

Intention Is Everything (from Paranormal Underground Radio): Paula Nuspl, Intentional Design

Episode Date: 11.1.2019

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Cheryl Knight-Wilson

Guest: Paula Nuspl

Topics: Intentional Spiritual Practices, Intentional Decorating, Creating Sacred Space


Show Notes:

Paula Nuspl graduated from Purdue University and pursued a career in media advertising but didn’t feel she was using her creativity to its full extent. After moving from the Midwest, she decided it was time to explore her lifelong passion of interior decorating. “Using color and creating an environment has such an impact on our sense of self. I find such joy in help others develop a space that brings out what truly is their soul’s reflection of who they are,” Paula says.

She began her independent interior decorating business in 1998 after receiving her advanced training at Heritage School of Interior Design, in Portland, Oregon.

In this episode, Paula shares her thoughts on using design to create sacred and intentional spaces. She offers tips for finding and bringing objects you love into the spaces where you live, work, and play, and she also explains how to maintain positive energy in those spaces.


Paula’s Website and Social Media

Facebook: PaulaNusplInteriors

Instagram: Paula.Nuspl.Interiors


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