Mindful Mystics podcast: Bob Fountain & Fear of Death

From Paranormal Underground Radio


Episode Date: 7.13.2022

Hosts: Karen Frazier, Chuck Gotski and Cheryl Knight-Wilson

Guest: Bob Fountain


Show Notes:

Join Karen, Cheryl, and Chuck as they talk with reiki master, metaphysical minister, and paranormal researcher Bob Fountain, who discusses coming face-to-face with his own mortality and how his spiritual background alleviated his fear of dying.


Bob Fountain is an original team member of Spectral Tech, a paranormal investigative group based in Tennessee. After more than 30 years as a special projects manager working primarily as a process engineer, data collection and analysis is second nature and is primarily what Bob brings to his role as a paranormal investigator. Bob earned a bachelor's degree in Organizational Management from Tusculum College and has a bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysics. He is also an ordained metaphysical minister/metaphysical practitioner with the International Metaphysical Ministry and is also a Usui Reiki Master. Bob’s metaphysical training allows him to comfortably talk with concerned clients about their paranormal activity.