Mindful Mystics podcast: Ilona Selke - Modern-Day Mystic

From Paranormal Underground Radio


Episode Date: 11.20.2022

Hosts: Cheryl Knight-Wilson and Chuckie G.

Guest: Ilona Selke


Show Notes:

Join Cheryl and Chuckie G as they talk with modern-day mystic Ilona Selke about communicating with the Universe, becoming the master of your own destiny, alien intentions, and more!

As a young child, Ilona Selke realized that the Universe responds to human thoughts. She soon proved through her own experimentation that she could communicate with the Universe — and, in fact, anyone can.

Ilona dedicated her adult life to metaphysical explora­tion and spent about four decades researching, experiment­ing, writing, and teaching about human potential, manifesta­tion, quantum dimensions, and “living from vision.” As a modern-day mystic, Ilona helps others discover the power of their consciousness to create a successful life.

She is the author of Dream Big — The Universe Is Listening: Creating a Better Life for Yourself and the Planet and Wisdom of the Dolphins; an international seminar leader; an expert in philosophy and comparative religions; and a consciousness and radionics researcher.


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