Intention Is Everything (from Paranormal Underground Radio): Craig McMahon, Filmmaker/Director of the ‘Life to Afterlife’ documentary series


Episode Date: 5.15.20

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Cheryl Knight-Wilson

Guest: Craig McMahon


Show Notes:

Craig McMahon, filmmaker and director of the Amazon Prime documentary series “Life to Afterlife,” joins us to talk about the inspiring and insightful series. Craig has produced over 30 films in various genres in his career working with Lionsgate, Paramount, E One, and the Weinstein Company.

In 2014, Craig began to notice what he calls “the saturation of negative entertainment flooding television platforms.” By 2016, Craig fully shifted his production company to create content of an uplifting nature to an audience he felt was unserved. “People sometimes crave stories that make them feel good or feel inspired,” Craig said. Thus, Inspiriter Films was created in 2017.

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