Intention Is Everything (from Paranormal Underground Radio): Michael Bodine, Psychic, Ghostbuster, and Author


Episode date: 2.15.20

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Cheryl Knight-Wilson

Guest: Michael Bodine

Topics: Spirit Communication, Psychic Abilities, Ghostbusting


Show Notes:

Michael Bodine is a celebrity psychic and a ghostbuster. According to Michael, “I’m a future guy.” His primary focus during readings is on opportunities and roadblocks coming up in the future for his clients. Michael provides readings for a number of A-list celebrities. He’s also the author of two books, Growing Up Psychic and A Psychic’s Life.


Michael’s Website:


Michael’s Books:

A Psychic’s Life: What It’s Really Like

Growing Up Psychic: From Skeptic to Believer


To Contact Michael: Click here.


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