Intention Is Everything (from Paranormal Underground Radio): Patrick and Kathryn Andries, Intuitive School — Education for Body, Mindy & Spirit


Episode Date: 4.3.21

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Cheryl Knight-Wilson

Guests: Patrick and Kathryn Andries


Show Notes:

In this episode, we talk with Patrick and Kathryn Andries about dream work, astrology, understanding what’s going on in the world today, and much more!


Patrick and Kathryn founded the Intuitive School in 2002 with a mission of offering the most comprehensive curriculum and programs in self-development and metaphysical studies. The school offers comprehensive learning programs about topics such as Soul Evolution, Mind Body Connection, Life Purpose Mastery, and Dreams, as well as courses about astrology, numerology, and iris readings.


Kathryn and Patrick have written numerous books on metaphysical topics, such as dream symbols and finding your life purpose, and they also host Spirits Journey radio with a mission to bring listeners spiritual wisdom in a practical and down to earth manner. During their show, they explore topics such as reincarnation, astrology, dreams, alternative mind-body health, quantum physics, karma, relationships, and numerology!


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