Intention Is Everything (from Paranormal Underground Radio): The George Collective Q&A — A Channeled Experience


Episode Date: 5.29.21


Show Notes:

In this special episode of Intention Is Everything, Karen and Cheryl host a Q&A for The George Collective. The George Collective are Source Energy sharing information and Love through Karen, who channels and translates their vibrational messages at and in her blog at This is Karen’s first time doing spoken channel work; all channeling in the past has been through writing.


If you are interested in watching the video recording of the podcast, you can do so here: Part 1:; Part 2:; Part 3:


The George Collective wishes to make the following statement:


Greetings. We are The George Collective. Our name is a vibration, thus not something easily expressed in language. We have communicated with Karen since she was a child, and George is the name she gave Us to express Our identity. We are a Collective because we are Many but We Are One. We are part of Source, which is All That Is, Was, or Ever Will Be, and so are you.


We wish you to know that Our message is for you. Whether you were present when this conversation occurred in your space-time, or if you are hearing it Now, Our messages are for you, and all energy We send and activate comes to you in your current experience of space-time. Thus, your experience can be a powerful activation regardless of whether you participate in “real time” or listen to it “later,” as all aspects of space-time exist in the Eternal Moment of Now.


We are delighted you choose to hear Our message. We wish to remind you that you do not need to have a channel share Our message with you. Therefore, We hope that you will seek Our vibration in your own life so you can have your own Divine experience.


We Love you!


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