Paranormal Underground Radio: Annindita Roy - Reiki Healer

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, our hosts Karen Frazier and Chuck Gotski talk with Annindita (Anni) Roy, a Transformational Coach who loves to create massive breakthroughs in people’s lives using her unique gifts, skills, and talents as an NLP Practitioner and Energy Healer.

Her passion for energy work has led her to learn and master several different healing modalities like Usui Reiki, Abundance Reiki, Celtic Reiki, Celtic Wisdom Reiki, Excalibur Reiki, Bear Reiki, and Self Love Reiki. Annindita is also a Certified Practitioner of Reconnective Healing and Facilitator for The Reconnection.

She loves teaching and sharing her knowledge and experience with others and conducts live workshops and Webinars on Reiki, Law of Attraction, and Meditation every month.

Anni has worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world and helped them transform their lives. She is currently training to be a strategist Interventionist. She believes personal empowerment is a journey, not a destination, and is always looking for ways to add more value to her own life and that of others. You can find out more about Anni at

Air Date: October 1, 2015

Topic: Reiki, Energy Healer, Meditation, Paranormal Theory, Paranormal Investigation, Spirituality

Guest: Annindita Roy

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Chuck Gotski

Producer: Cheryl Knight