Paranormal Underground Radio: Ashley Hall (The Paranormal Guide)

In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Ashley Hall of The Paranormal Guide and Worldwide Free Paranormal Week! 

Ashley is an amateur film maker and producer who has a passion for the paranormal, the weird, and the strange. Ashley's interest in the paranormal recently led him to create The Paranormal Guide, an online guide that includes articles about paranormal phenomena. He has been actively investigating the paranormal for 12 years. Ashley is currently heading up an initiative called the Worldwide Free Paranormal Week, a week-long event where individuals, teams, and groups from around the world put on FREE events that are open to the public. The goal is to see many free events take place all over the world so anyone with an interest in the paranormal and spiritual can meet other like-minded individuals, learn more about the paranormal/spiritual, and have a great time. The week-long events will take place September 30-October 3. Visit for more information.

Air Date: August 8, 2013
Topic: Paranormal Investigation, Worldwide Free Paranormal Week, The Paranormal Guide
Guest: Ashley Hall
Hosts: Karen Frazier and Rick Hale
Producer: Cheryl Knight