Paranormal Underground Radio: Bill Bean (Author of Dark Force)

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Bill Bean, the author of Dark Force, which chronicles paranormal/supernatural events that led to the destruction of the Bean family.

In 1970, the Bean family moved into a modest, three-bedroom, ranch-style house located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The community was called, "Harundale." Bill recalled his first memories of the house were frightening ones.

"It had a very foreboding and ominous feel from the start," he said. What the family didn’t know is that a demonic force already occupied their new home.

Bill Bean stated, "My family was literally torn apart by an evil force that co-existed among us. The activity began as noises and gradually escalated into violent physical attacks on us by the entities."

In his book Dark Force, Bill painfully describes in terrifying detail the events that tormented his family. As disturbing as some of the content in Dark Force is, there’s a very powerful message of hope and faith that has affected many readers in a positive way.

Air Date: October 24, 2013

Topic: Paranormal Investigation - Ghost - Haunting - Demon

Guest: Bill Bean

Hosts: Karen Frazier, Rick Hale

Producer: Cheryl Knight