Paranormal Underground Radio: Brad Duplechien - Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigations

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Louisiana native, Brad Duplechien. Brad is a husband, father, college graduate, correctional officer, and paranormal investigator. Founder of Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigations, Brad applies his 10 years in law enforcement to obtain his colorful and skeptical approach to the field. In late 2005, Brad founded "LaSpirits" in an effort to not only seek answers for himself, but to assist others in need of help who were having strange events going on in their home. Brad wanted to bring a more scientific and skeptical approach to the hobby.

Air Date: August 7, 2014

Topic: Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Theory

Guest: Brad Duplechien

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Rick Hale

Producer: Cheryl Knight