Paranormal Underground Radio: Camille Faye - Author of Voodoo Butterfly

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, we talk with Camille Faye, paranormal experiencer and author of Voodoo Butterfly

Camille lives in Missouri, loves on her family, and writes paranormal fiction while the kids are in school. She grew up in a haunted house, which sparked her fascination with the paranormal. 

Before becoming a writer, she reported for an NBC affiliate and taught writing at universities in Missouri and Illinois. She found the muse for her debut novel, Voodoo Butterfly, during a family trip to New Orleans where she dreamt of a woman who had the power to change evil people good. 

The Northwest Houston RWA named her novel a 2013 Lone Star Contest finalist. Camille's stories are inspired by her travels to 27 countries and counting! Follow her journey at

Air Date: March 31, 2016

Topic: Paranormal Experience, Paranormal Theory, Spirituality

Guest: Camille Faye

Host: Karen Frazier and Chuck Gotski

Producer: Cheryl Knight