Paranormal Underground Radio: Chad Schimke (Author) & Kristen Ann (Author)

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Chad Schimke, author of Picker, Pieces, Walker, and Weirder, and Kristen Ann, author of Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest.

Chad is the author of Picker, Pieces, Walker, and Weirder available on Amazon ( with digital art by Solis ( on select titles. Chad’s stories are paranormal with a crime, macabre, fantasy and sci-fi twist. He uploads several postings weekly to his blog ( about city life, art installations, sociohistorical topics, literature reviews, performance theatre, writing reference, free downloads, MP3 and PDF along with an occasional video/audio clip. Chad is part of a large community on Goodreads (http://www.goodreads...scomChadSchimke); join the discussion to learn more about his books.

Kristen has spent a lifetime studying spirituality and metaphysics. As a child she sensed that there were many levels or dimensions to life beyond what we see, and she had the inquisitve drive to know and to understand life’s deepest mysteries. Her life has been one of unusual experiences, encounters and constant “coincidences” or synchronicities. Both people and events have often come into her life that expanded her understanding. Kristen’s book, Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest, reveals details of the Transition (or Ascension) that other sources haven’t given. This is information that is critical to know at this time. The book provides a richly detailed explanation of why this point in time is so significant as well as giving a clear scenario of what will be happening and why. Perhaps most importantly the book gives instructions on how to prepare for what is coming.

Air Date: December 6, 2012

Topic: Paranormal Experiences, Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Theory

Guest: Chad Schimke and Kristen Ann

Hosts: Rick Hale

Producer: Cheryl Knight