Paranormal Underground Radio: Connie Willis - TV Host, Spokesperson, and Paranormal Investigator

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Connie Willis, who has been in the radio/television field for 25 years. You have heard from her recently on America’s top talk show as she hosted COAST TO COAST AM. She has a BA in telecommunications with a focus on broadcast journalism from the University of Kentucky and is a Certified Advance Controlled Remote Viewer taught under the direction of Lyn Buchanan, one of the Military’s top Psychic Spies from the top secret program called Project Stargate. This means Connie can look into the past, preset, and future of any event in time and see what is happening. She is a Civilian Psychic Spy.

Connie is in development of three documentaries. One will change the world views of UFOs, and another astonishing film will change the way humans will see the world dealing with extra-terrestrials. Another deals with Bigfoot. Connie is also in development with several TV shows that deal with the paranormal.

Connie is currently studying radionics and learning how fascinating they are. She has been working closely with Dr Mulder and his machines ( Connie is a serious student of High Strangeness due to having her own experiences since the early age of 3. They left her with strong desires to find the truth of those phenomena. As a woman, her perspective is as much emotional as it is factual, which goes hand in hand.

Connie digs deep into mysteries of the inexplicable effects and synchronicity of events related to UFO and extraterrestrial encounters and anything outside the range of normal human knowledge or scientific explanation, including time travel, Bigfoot, PK, telepathy, Mayan culture, crop circles, after life, ghosts, etc. Due to her passion to know the truth, she researches of all types of the paranormal and knows the players so she can connect the dots and find the answers!

Connie has interviewed many people in her life and is best known for going into the field of research to experience it for herself in order to put all the pieces of the puzzles together. She has written two eBook’s called WIN ANY LOTTERY, which provides a technique to win the lottery using a method the military used to locate weapons, soldiers and hostages. She is a guest blogger for Huffington Post's “Weird News” and was also a blogger and curator of Paranormal World. She is a content coordinator for Paranormal TV Channel, Paranormal TV, and for Paranormal TV Hulu, which provides free paranormal documentaries for Paranormal Media.

Air Date: November 6, 2014

Topic: Paranormal Experience, Paranormal Investigation, UFOs, Psychic Phenomena, Remote Viewing, High Strangeness

Guest: Connie Willis

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Rick Hale