Paranormal Underground Radio: Dave Galvan (Paranormal League of America) & Author Cindy Ponds Newall

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Dave Galvan, Paranormal League of America, and Cindy Ponds Newell, paranormal author.

Dave Galvan founded the Paranormal League of America in 2008 after years in the paranormal field. After having a book thrown at him in 2002 by someone who wasn’t there, Dave entered the field with wide-eyed enthusiasm, and even a certain naivete. His book, Paranormal League of America Presents: Researching America’s Most Haunted Locations; A Paranormal History, is his first. He writes occasionally for Paranormal Underground magazine and is currently producing a reality series based on the PLA’s adventures.

Cindy Ponds Newell is a lifelong resident of North Carolina. She and her husband rented a small farm house for the first six years of their marriage. During those years, so many weird and paranormal things happened, Cindy decided to write about her experiences. But she wanted to create a unique novel, giving life not only to the characters, but also to the house itself. As a history buff, Cindy chose to create a story beginning with the history of a house, using the American Civil War as a back drop. Not only does she intertwine a spooky story with historical facts, she also brings life to the house itself. The reader is educated in both the history behind the haunting and the personalities of those involved. Although the novel is fictional, there are many personal experiences she chose to include. Cindy’s goal in writing Don’t Say Her Name is to offer help to others who might be in the position she once was. She wants to say to them, “You are not crazy. Ghosts are real and they can either guide us in life, or terrorize us. It’s up to us to decide which.”

Air Date: September 27, 2012

Topic: Paranormal Experiences, Paranormal Theory, Paranormal Investigation

Guests: Dave Galvan, Cindy Ponds Newall

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Rick Hale

Producer: Cheryl Knight