Paranormal Underground Radio: Don Allison - Author of I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: ​A Journalist’s Journey Into the Paranormal

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, we talk with Don Allison, author of I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: A Journalist's Journey Into the Paranormal.​

Veteran award-winning daily newspaper editor Don Allison used to be a devout skeptic, even going so far as to doubt his own grandmother’s claims of experiences in a haunted house. But after encountering the unexplained many times, he reluctantly concluded he indeed had experienced the paranormal.

Eventually, after what he described as a mind-blowing paranormal encounter at Gettysburg, PA, he could contain his curiosity no longer. He decided to write about his experiences, and to go a step further – to share the science behind what he had encountered.

The result is the latest volume from Faded Banner Publications, I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: A Journalist’s Journey into the Paranormal.

Allison said fear of people’s reactions to a book on this topic made him think long and hard before tackling this project. “Once I decided to proceed with this book,” he explained, “I realized I could hold nothing back. I am treating the paranormal as I would any other topic. I am sharing my own experiences and what I have learned from research. I am passing on what other people have told me about the subject and in some cases their own perceptions of what I have experienced.”

Air Date: January 12, 2017

Topic: Haunted House, Haunted Gettysburg, Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Phenomena, Paranormal Research

Guest: Don Allison

Correspondent Segment: Maria Anna van Driel

Hosts: Karen Frazier, Chuck Gotski

Producer: Cheryl Knight-Wilson