Paranormal Underground Radio: Jenny Ashford and Tom Ross - Coauthors of The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, we talk with Jenny Ashford and Tom Ross, coauthors of The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist.

Jenny is a horror and paranormal writer and graphic designer. Her books include two paranormal nonfiction books, The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist (with Tom Ross) and The Rochdale Poltergeist (with Steve Mera); three novels, Red Menace, Bellwether, and The Five Poisons; two short story collections, Hopeful Monsters and The Associated Villainies; and a graphic novel, The Tenebrist. Her horror blog,, contains short stories, articles, and her reviews and opinions on genre films and books.

Tom is a retired Army veteran who spends his time researching paranormal phenomena, building Buell motorcycles, cooking and acting as a freelance club promoter. He lives in Orlando.

Air Date: May 19, 2016

Topic: Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Theory, Poltergeist

Guests: Jenny Ashford and Tom Ross

Hosts: Chuck Gotski and Bob Fountain

Producer: Cheryl Knight