Paranormal Underground Radio: Michaela Rand (Real-Life Vampires, Crystals, and Dark Workers)

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Michaela “Mica” Rand about Real-Life Vampires. Mica is a Symbiotic Medicyn Woman. During this show, Mica talks about real-life vampires, what a symbiotic psychic vampire is, and the differences between dark and light workers.

Mica is a writer for Paranormal Underground magazine, and she writes the Crystals & Herbology and Magic & Lore columns for the magazine. She is a Dark Worker who awoke spiritually when she was very young.

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Air Date: May 2, 2013

Topic: Crystals and Herbology, Magic and Lore, Dark Workers, Light Workers, Vampirism

Guest: Michaela Rand

Hosts: Rick Hale and Karen Frazier

Producer: Cheryl Knight