Paranormal Underground Radio: Mike Roberts (Research: Paranormal and D-Mentd Entertainment)

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Mike Roberts, Founder and Lead Investigator for Research: Paranormal and CEO of D-Mentd Entertainment ( and Mike formed Research: Paranormal in 1998. The team provides services nationwide. “We are a science based team that combines metaphysical for a complete approach to better understand the paranormal. We separate ourselves from other teams by including controlled experiments on investigations which through the use of variables, help us further understand the unknown.”

According to Mike, the team does not simply enter a location, collect data, and then leave. Each hour of the investigation the team changes a factor in the investigation method to find what seems to provide the best results. “Working with major paranormal institutions and research centers, all of our collected data is sent in for peer review and documentation of location events to be used by future investigators on future cases. We strive to have the latest in technology and equipment to assist us during our investigations.”

Air Date: June 14, 2012

Topic: Paranormal Experiences, Paranormal Theory, Paranormal Investigation

Guests: Mike Roberts

Hosts: Rick Hale, Karen Frazier

Producer: Cheryl Knight