Paranormal Underground Radio: Paul Green & Stephen Lambert (Extreme Ghost Hunting)

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Paul Green and Stephen Lambert of Extreme Ghost Hunting, which is located in the UK.

–Paul Green aka The Psychic Biker is a talented medium and psychic that was once an ardent skeptic. From an early age he displayed his ability to connect to the other side. Those people that adults said were dead seemed very much alive to Paul. Yet as he reached his mid twenties he became a complete and utter skeptic, someone who scoffed at psychics and ghosts. Then in his late 30s with a lot of time on his hands due to a change in family circumstances he began out of curiosity to research the world of the paranormal. After many years of private study and practice including working within a closed development circle his talents and ability blossomed and since that time some 14 years ago he has done hundreds of readings and carried out many investigations of haunted locations.

Now he with his close friend and business partner Stephen, the Extreme Ghost Hunter, runs a company that is dedicated to giving people a unique experience. They both wanted people to feel, see, and hear first hand any paranormal activity that was occurring around them while on investigations, using their own senses and not via a camera feeding into a TV screen, nor via playback on a video camera or some other electronic gadget. From that shared philosophy they combined their talents, Paul as the psychic medium and Stephen as the historian, researcher and ghost hunter. Now Paul finds that this part of mediumship is his main focus. He still does do readings for clients at times but finds the fast paced environment of an investigation is something he particularly enjoys. With a book co written with Stephan due for publication in summer of 2011, his work in radio both in the UK and internationally plus the increasing interest in TV projects he and Stephen have developed he finds his diary is full for many months ahead. Living as he does in an isolated cottage in North Northumberland he spends much of his time in his office toiling over the PC looking at new and interesting projects while enjoying the spectacular views of the ever changing views outside his window.

–Stephen was born in Ashington, Northumberland, England, and it was his father who helped start him on the journey he is now on. He absolutely loved horror movies. Rightly or wrongly, as a young boy, Stephen had watched many such movies as The Evil Dead, Dawn of the Dead, The Exorcist and many more. His parents still have a box set of 70′s LP’s that has a Ouija board drawn on the inside of the cardboard box that held the LP’s. Stephen decided to go it alone. He had an idea for a book (which some of you are reading now), albeit it has taken about 5 years and many format changes to get to this point. Stephen wanted to have a go at things in his own way. He had made up his mind to contact locations in Northern England & Scotland about the possibility of spending time at their haunted location. Stephen would document the history, ghost stories and record accounts from the overnight vigil. The big difference being, this was to be done by him or at most there would be only two people on location. Stephens work for the book at this time was very enjoyable. He got the chance to stay in some wonderful places, some which were family homes not open to the public.

One of Stephen’s accounts was published in a book by Jason Karl, 21st Century Ghosts. Working on the book gave Stephen the idea for a TV show. Being on location alone really captures what Stephen believes ghost hunting is about and this is what he wanted to give the public the chance to see. No fancy equipment and at one with the elements along with the fear of being alone. To take the ideas forward Stephen teamed up with Paul”The Psychic Biker” and Extreme Ghost Hunting Limited was created.

Air Date: April 12, 2012

Topic: Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Theory

Guest: Paul Green and Stephen Lambert

Hosts: Cheryl Knight, Chad Wilson, Rick Hale, Karen Frazier

Producer: Cheryl Knight