Paranormal Underground Radio: Robbie Thomas (Psychic Profiler)

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with psychic profiler and author of the book, Time Shift The Paradigm. As a Psychic Profiler, Robbie has assisted in many high-profile murder/missing persons cases with law enforcement and families who seek him out for answers to tough cold cases, as well as active cases. In the 20-plus years of stepping out into the mainstream media, Robbie has been featured in many newspapers, news television programing or radio broadcasts about cases he is either working or has worked. It’s the dedication of helping families that Robbie strives each day to find the solace and peace families so deserve.

Robbie is a best-selling author with five titles to his name. Time Shift-The Paradigm, his latest release, has garnered rave reviews from major critics, such as Schiffer’s Publishing Review Critic, Mufon’s Deputy Director of Investigations, and other major authors alike. He has also co-contributed to three other titles with different authors. He has successfully created several movie scripts to which the series of Paradox-The Gates of Hell has been in talks with several production companies. Furthering along in the screenwriting part of his career, Robbie has managed to successfully create and will host a new television series, Psychic Profiler, that is in development with Lamport/Sheppard Entertainment.

Air Date: September 13, 2012

Topic: Psychic Phenomena, Paranormal Experiences, Paranormal Theory, Paranormal Investigation

Guest: Robbie Thomas

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Cheryl Knight

Producer: Cheryl Knight