Paranormal Underground Radio: Stephen Lancaster - Author of “Dark Spirits: A Man Terrorized by the Supernatural”

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, we talk with paranormal researcher Stephen Lancaster, author of Dark Spirits: A Man Terrorized by the Supernatural.​ He is also the producer of monsterVisionTV (2007-2016).

Stephen had his first paranormal experience as a child. Since then he has become a strong advocate for paranormal study, research, and investigation work. He started investigating the paranormal in 1997, conducting investigative work for politicians, military facilities, the board of education, museums, commercial locations, businesses, television, and civilians. In 2007, he formed P.I.T. Paranormal Investigation Team, which was later dubbed The PIT Crew. During its peak, P.I.T. had members and divisions in North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Kentucky, Connecticut, New York, West Virginia, California, and more.

Stephen appeared on A&E Biography's My Ghost Story in 2011 and again in 2012. He has been interviewed on hundreds of radio shows and on various news broadcasts revolving around paranormal phenomena. He also often gives public lectures on the subject.

In 2009, he self-published Paranormal Investigator: True Accounts of the Paranormal, which was later discovered by Llewellyn Worldwide and re-released as True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator in 2012. The book contains personal case files, and it welcomed stellar reviews from the general public and was added to the Library of Congress.

Lancaster retired in 2014 following a near-fatal car accident. Two years later he began work again in the field.

Stephen is currently working on his next book and a documentary entitled Visitant: The Johnson Family Haunting. You can contact Stephen on Twitter or Facebook:, or

Air Date: September 15, 2016

Topic: Paranormal Theory, Paranormal Phenomena, Paranormal Research, monsterVisionTV

Guest: Stephen Lancaster

Correspondent Segment: Patrick Keller

Hosts: Karen Frazier and Chuck Gotski

Producer: Cheryl Knight-Wilson